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Avoid lengthy loan applications or potentially falling victim to a predatory lender.  

If you have commercial receivables and are waiting on payments, Capital-Plus can help.  Whether your needs are seasonal cash flow cycles or strategic growth, Capital-Plus is the answer.  

Credit Management & Analysis

Accounts Receivable Management

 Accounts Receivable Financing

  resulting in improved efficiencies, reduced risk, balanced cash flow,
and access to working capital.

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Whether your business is a start up, downsizing, or expanding, cash flow is king.  CPI's A/R Management process takes the stress of managing invoices and tracking down payments.  We measure our success by tracking our DSO against the market average.  Our goal is to reduce the time it takes to turn an invoice into payment via excellent customer service.  We become your squeaky wheel. 

Cash Flow Management

Credit Evaluations

Do you know your clients' credit worthiness?  Are you extending terms to clients or prospects blindly?  Our experienced credit executives help clients mitigate risk by merging information and experience into a recommendation on credit exposure.  Let our team become your credit department.   

Loan Application Packaging

Applying for a loan can be cumbersome and daunting.  We represent our clients, building a complete loan package, assembling documents, and working with several lenders to compare/contrast structures and agreements.  We put the borrowing process in the borrower's hands versus at the mercy of the lenders.  

Fund Sourcing & Comparison

Considering crowdfunding, merchant cash advances, or working with an online lender?  Lending is our business.  Give us a call to have a no cost conversation assessing your needs and a brief evaluation to determine which facility may be best for you.  Avoid falling victim to predatory lenders or daily debit agreements.  We can help, at no obligation to you. 

Financial Analysis

A lack of financial leadership is often the main cause businesses fail.  You not only need to know your numbers, you need to meaure against them and prepare for the future.  Our clients enjoy access to top CFOs for analysis and recommendations for managing growth, overcoming a challenge, or expanding into new markets. 

Business Plan Development

Gain access to our business plan design tool that helps you easily create  or improve upon an existing plan.  This tool is not just layout and design.  it becomes a working tool that syncs with Quickbooks to determine if you're on target.  A business plan should be a living breathing aspect of your business.  Let's bring it to life.  

Take control of your business with CPI Solutions. 

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